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Located in Maricopa County, it is an incredible place for new businesses as well as new residents to thrive. We are surrounded by mountains yet closer to the urban amenities that so many people desire, making it easy for the city to give its residents the best of both worlds. Few other cities in the greater Phoenix area offer as many benefits as Scottsdale does.

Scottsdale real estate is second to none, and the diversity in home styles and prices is almost overwhelming. From tidy town homes and cozy condos to single family homes close to schools and parks, there’s something for everyone in the city of Scottsdale. Homes for sale here are affordable and built to last, so home buyers won’t have any problems with investing in property here.

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Scottsdale, with a population of approximately 232,000 residents, has a fine reputation as a vibrant, artistic community that is well deserved. First settled in the 1880s, Scottsdale residents began farming, mining and ranching. As residents fled Phoenix and other urban centers in the late 20th century, Scottsdale benefitted greatly and the population and residential development exploded. Today, the city is dependent on tourism, health care, retail manufacturing, aviation, education and services.

Because of its centralized location between Phoenix and Tempe, Scottsdale is ideal for residents who need to commute. Major roads that help residents get around include Route 101 and Route 202. It’s just 13 miles from Phoenix and 8 miles to Tempe, making it absolutely perfect for those who fall in love with Scottsdale but need to work elsewhere.

The city is divided into several districts that include Old Town, Central Scottsdale, North Scottsdale and South Scottsdale. The more populated areas are in the southern part of the city, while the northern part is much less developed. Residents can benefit from all the amenities the city offers, from fine schools and lovely parks to dedicated city leaders that work hard to uphold resident needs.

For home buyers that are looking for a truly fine community to call home, we offer them the chance to get into a city that really cares about its residents. Homes for sale here  are more popular than ever, so home buyers will have to start searching as early as possible to get just what they want. When it comes to Scottsdale real estate, home buyers will not regret it.


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