1,600 Apartments To Be Built In Scottsdale

2016-11-18 1600 Apartments to be built

See the full article at AZ Central -> http://gplnk.co/2giVIVg

Urban #Scottsdale is continuing to boom as the council approved the building of three new multi story developments. The council voted to change the zoning of two areas in the south of Scottsdale, and one area near Scottsdale Quarter.

Naturally, we think Scottsdale is a great place to live! These new changes to the zoning means that* more real estate opportunities* are going to be opening in Scottsdale:

Scottsdale’s two emerging urban corridors — in the south near Old Town and in the north near Scottsdale Airport — will get another influx of residents after the City Council on Tuesday approved three multi-story development projects with space for a combined 1,600 apartments.

Some interesting ideas to think about heading into your weekend, if you’re interested in discussing real estate options in Scottsdale or other areas of the Phoenix metro area, contact Mike Domer -> http://gplnk.co/2gePyVN

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